Submitting a saved timesheet

If you have clicked ‘Save’ when creating your timesheet(s) you will then need to submit them for approval.

Submitting a saved timesheet:
  1. Go to Main Navigation > Time Management > Manage Timesheets
  2. On the summary page, scroll down to the ‘Timesheets Overview’ table
  3. Here you will see a list of timesheets. You can filter by date to find the timesheet if needed.
  4. Any timesheets with an orange circle  are ‘saved’ and need submitting.
  5. Click the View icon View next to the timesheet that needs submitting
  6. Click the blue ‘Submit’ button to submit the timesheet for authorisation. If you need to edit the timesheet first, click ‘Details’ and then ‘Submit’.


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Was this helpful?


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