Enabling the Self-Billing feature


The self-billing feature allows contractors to invoice you for the time they have worked after you have invoiced & been paid by the client.


Enabling the Self-Billing feature:

Who can do this: Owner or Process Admin

1. Go to AdministrationDefault Settings > Edit



2. Self-billing settings > tick the box next to Apply Self-Billing



If you now click 'Save' and refresh the page, Self-billing management will show on the left-hand navigation.

3. Click ‘Add Users’

This will populate a list of users from the ‘User Management’ module and will show users which are NOT already assigned to the self-billing feature.

Select the users by searching and using the '+' icon next to their name. Alternatively click 'Add All Users' to add all.

4. Click ‘Update’ 



Viewing a Self-Billing user:

You will see the user you have added to self-billing below the self-billing settings.



Use the search box to instantly search for users in this list. Each page will show up to 10 users. Navigate through each page by using the pager on the top right hand side or by selecting ‘First’, ‘Next’ or ‘Last’.

Remember: To click 'Save' at the top of the page before clicking a different module.


Quick links to self-billing in Clarity365:  


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