Adding a Mileage Expense Assigned to a Matrix

You can add a mileage expense to a mileage matrix charge template. Simply follow the steps below when adding a mileage expense in the usual way.

This tutorial assumes knowledge of adding a basic mileage expense through Clarity365.


Assigning a Mileage Expense to a Matrix:

For help adding a regular mileage expense please click here.

1. Go to Main Navigation > Expense Management > Manage Expenses

2. Select the ‘New Mileage Expense’ tab

3. Enter the general details of the mileage expense as normal

4. Choose ‘Location Matrix’ from the Calculated By drop down box

5. Select the template you would like to use from the ‘Available Templates’ drop down. (If you are unsure of the template to use, please contact your administrator.)



6. The rest of the drop downs related to the matrix will show. Select an option from each of the drop downs. In the example below, you would select an option for Starting Office, Project, Class and Time Zone. Please note: you must select an option from ALL the drop downs.

7. The Miles Travelled & Expense Value will be automatically calculated for you depending on what is selected.



8. Click Submit to submit the mileage expense for authorisation


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Was this helpful?
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