Authorising a timesheet

If you are a manager or owner you have the ability to simply and quickly authorise a users timesheet.


Authorising a timesheet:

1. Go to Main Navigation > Time Management > Authorise Timesheets

2. Click the Authorisation tab

3. Scroll down to the Timesheet Summary

4. Filter the summary by date using the Authorisation Time Filter and click Search

5. Tick the timesheets you wish to authorise - you can do this ffor individual timesheets, or you can select a whole user/department by clicking the tick box next to the relevant name or you can select every timesheet by selecting the tick box in the top left hand corner of the timesheet summary

Please Note, by default all timesheets are selected for authorisation

6. Click Authorise to send the authorised timesheets to the next stage of the approval process



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Was this helpful?

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