Recurring expenses

Most businesses will have recurring expenses that may become time consuming to input every day, week or month. The Clarity365 system allows you to input a recurring expense to save you time rather than entering the expense every time it recurs.


Adding a recurring expense:

1. Go to Main Navigation > Accounting Management > Recurring Expense

2. Click the New Recurring Expense tab

3. Enter the date the recurring expense was started

4. Enter the supplier

5. Add a description

6. Choose either Daily, Weekly or Monthly recurrence period

7. Enter the number of payments that will occur

8. Enter the payment start date

9. Add the termination period

10. Enter the value that will reoccur

11. Select the VAT rate

12. Choose the GL and Sub GL Categories

13. Upload a copy of the receipt or agreement

14. Enter the payment details

15. Select if the expense is billable or not, and enter the customer, contract or project it is assignable to

16. Click Save to submit the recurring expense in Clarity365. The expense will automatically be added for authorisation for every period as set in the details



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Was this helpful?

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