Keep track of your loans and loan providers through the loans module. The loans Summary page gives an overview of all loan data that the company may have incurred to allow you to keep on top of any debt.


Adding a Loan Provider:

1. Go to Main Navigation > Accounting Management > Loans

2. Click the Manage Providers tab

3. Click the Add icon

4. Enter the providers details and contact details

5. Enter the providers address details

6. Click Save to add the loan providers details to Clarity365



Adding a Loan:

1. Click Main Navigation > Accounting Management > Loans

2. Click the New Loan tab

3. Choose the loan type

4. Choose a start date for the loan

5. Choose the Loan Provider from the drop down box

6. Enter a description for the loan

7. Tick the box if it is an asset

8. Enter the total loan amount, any fees and charges and choose the recurrence period

9. Enter the number of payments and the payment amount

10. Enter the total payable amount

11. Choose the GL and Sub GL categories

12. You can then upload a copy of the loan agreement

13. Click Save to submit the loan to Clarity365 - your finances will automatically adjust



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Was this helpful?

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